Parking Passes

Daily and Annual parking passes available.

 Free activities once inside the park include access to the natural areas of Stone Mountain Park, hiking and nature trails, public picnic areas, 363-acre lake, children’s playground, Grist Mill, Covered Bridge, and Quarry Exhibit.

  • walk-up trail
  • wooded hiking and nature trails
  • jogging and biking paved loop
  • public picnic areas
  • 363-acre lake
  • children’s playground
  • Grist Mill
  • Covered Bridge
  • Quarry Exhibit
  • Songbird Habitat
  • Carillon
  • and more

Bicyclists and pedestrians may enter the park at no charge through the South Woods Gate.

Daily Parking Pass


Valid for one vehicle. Purchasing a daily parking permit allows you entry and exit for the entire day, but does not guarantee re-entry. Please be aware that re-entry may be difficult on busy days, holidays or during large events. 


Annual Parking Pass


Valid for one vehicle. Passes must be adhered to the windshield using their own adhesive and are non-transferrable between vehicles.


What are the parking options available at Stone Mountain Park?

Stone Mountain Park offers daily and annual parking passes. We have parking spaces for vehicles of all sizes, including buses and RVs.

How much does parking cost at Stone Mountain Park?

Stone Mountain Park provides both daily and annual parking options. The cost for daily parking is $20 per vehicle, while an annual pass is available at a rate of $40 per vehicle.

Can I purchase a parking pass online?

Yes, you can purchase both daily and annual parking passes online through the Stone Mountain Park website.

I have two cars. Can I purchase more than one annual parking pass?

Yes. Within one transaction, you can purchase one parking pass at full price, and purchase a second one at $25. If you would like to purchase more than 10 parking passes, please contact the group sales department, 770-498-5636.

Are there designated parking areas for disabled visitors?

 Yes, Stone Mountain Park provides handicapped parking spaces.

 What should I do if I lose my parking pass?

 If you lose your parking pass, please contact our guest services at Stone Mountain Park immediately. They will assist you with the necessary steps to obtain a replacement.