31 de octubre – 3 de noviembre de 2024

Festival de nativos americanos y Pow Wow


Traiga a sus estudiantes a experimentar la energía y el color de la reunión de nativos americanos más grande de Georgia. Con danza, música, demostraciones de artesanías auténticas, tradiciones culinarias, narraciones de cuentos, presentaciones de vida silvestre y más. Las actividades en curso incluyen: una aldea tipi con historia viva, habilidades para la vida primitiva, demostraciones interactivas de culturas nativas locales y regionales, exhibiciones de danza y tambores, música en vivo, vida silvestre, comidas nativas, armamento, diversas artes y artesanías demostradas por artistas nativos de renombre y mucho más. .

FECHAS: 31 de octubre - 3 de noviembre de 2024 (precios de excursiones disponibles el 31 de octubre y 1 de noviembre)

HORARIOS: Horario del festival: 9:00 am a 3:00 pm Horario de las atracciones: 10:00 am a 5:00 pm

Explore Native American Heritage at Georgia’s Largest Native American Gathering

Join us at the Native American Festival & Pow Wow, where tradition meets spectacle in a vibrant celebration of culture. Here are some of the activities you can expect! 

Living History and Cultural Demonstrations

Step into our tipi village and immerse yourself in the daily life of historic Native American cultures. Learn ancient skills that are still revered today, such as flint-knapping, bow making, and pottery. Our authentic craft demonstrations allow you to witness the creation of intricate beadwork, basket weaving, and traditional textiles firsthand.

Interactive Learning Opportunities

Engage with our educational exhibits that showcase primitive life skills like fire starting and open fire cooking. Families and students can delve deeper through interactive experiences that highlight local and regional native traditions.

Storytelling Sessions

Gather around as tribal elders and renowned storytellers share tales that paint vivid pictures of folklore, history, and the cultural significance behind their age-old traditions.

Dance and Drum Competitions

Experience the power and passion of inter-tribal dance and drum competitions featuring Native Americans from across the U.S. and Central America. Feel the energy as dancers and drummers compete in performances that showcase the vibrancy of their cultures.

Wildlife Presentations

Get up close with native wildlife in special presentations that highlight the symbiotic relationship between Native American cultures and their natural environments. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn about wildlife conservation and the ecological insights of Native American traditions.

Tips for Enjoying the Native American Festival

  • Timing Your Visit: The festival runs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., while attractions remain open until 5:00 p.m. Arrive early to make the most of the day!
  • What to Bring: Pack sun hats, sunscreen, and water bottles to stay comfortable and hydrated. Small backpacks are handy for carrying purchases and personal items.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: Look out for interactive experiences and educational workshops designed for children and parents alike. Don’t miss the artists’ marketplace for unique holiday gifts hand-crafted by renowned native artists.

FAQs about the Native American Festival & Pow Wow

What are the rules and etiquette for attending a Pow Wow?

Respectful behavior and cultural sensitivity are required at all times. Participants should refrain from touching dancers’ regalia and always ask permission before taking photos.

Can attendees participate in any of the dances or ceremonies?

Participation is often invited during specific dances; listen for announcements inviting audience involvement, which is a wonderful opportunity to experience the culture firsthand.

Is photography allowed during the Native American Festival & Pow Wow?

Photography is allowed but photographers should be respectful, especially during ceremonies. Always ask for permission before taking photos of individuals, especially those in regalia.

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Plan Your Festival Experience

Admission and Tickets

Recommended Grade Levels: Kindergarten & Up
Standards Met: SS2H2, SS2G2, SS2E2, SS3H1, SS3G3, SS3E3, SS8H1, SS8H5


Native American Festival only: $13.00 + tax
Native American Festival + Attractions Ticket: $16.00 + tax

Attractions Ticket includes the Native American Festival, plus access to the  Skyride en la cumbre, 4D Theater, Mini golf, y Explorar dinosaurios.

Group & Field Trip Specials

Se admite gratis un acompañante por cada 10 estudiantes; acompañantes adicionales pagan el precio de estudiante.

Note: Additional tickets cannot be purchased on the day of the program.

Registration and Group Bookings

  • Reservations: Must be made and paid for at least  21 days prior to the date of your visit. Unpaid reservations will be canceled.
  • Group Size: A minimum group size of 15 students is required to qualify for discounted rates. There is no maximum group size limit. 
  • Chaperone Policy: You will receive one free adult chaperone ticket for every 10 students when you pre-register. Additional adults pay the same rate as students.
  • No walk-up groups will be admitted.

Payment Information

  • Deadline: El pago debe realizarse al menos 21 días antes de la fecha de su visita. Las reservas impagas se cancelarán si no se recibe el pago.
  • Service Charge: All orders are subject to a service charge of $14.99. Late payments received less than 21 days prior to your visit date are subject to an additional $10.00 rush fee, totaling $24.99.
  • Refunds: No refunds will be given for any unused portion of your reservation.
  • No Walk up payments will be accepted at the gate for the group rate.
  • Los precios anteriores no incluyen el impuesto sobre las ventas.

Cancellation Policy

  • Similar to payment terms, unpaid reservations will be canceled if payment is not received by the 21-day deadline. Refunds are not available for any cancellations or unused portions of the reservation.

Lunch Options

Attendees are welcome to bring their lunches to the event.

  • Designated picnic areas, the Studdard or Triangle picnic areas with tables are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Los pabellones del parque están disponibles por orden de llegada, a menos que ya se hayan alquilado para un evento privado. Todos los demás pabellones cerrados no están disponibles.
  • Additional seating is available between the Memorial Hall Museum and the Skyride Plaza.
  • Stone Mountain Park is unable to store lunches. Lunches have to be kept on your bus or carried by your group.
  • Plan ahead – the parking lot is approximately 10 minutes from the festival grounds; vehicles are not allowed to drive to the festival groups. Make a plan on how you will access your lunches.
  • For safety reasons, eating in parking lots or on rock structures is not allowed.


  • Buses/Motor Coaches: Parking is free for buses with a group that has pre-paid tickets, provided a final booking confirmation is presented. If not presented, a $20 fee will be charged.
  • Personal/Private Vehicles: All personal or private vehicles associated with a school or tour group must purchase a parking permit for $20.00 per vehicle or have an annual parking pass.

La oficina de ventas grupales está disponible de lunes a viernes de 9:00 a. m. a 5:00 p. m. en 770-498-5636.