How to Survive a Trip to Stone Mountain Park with a Baby

Any outing with a baby in tow requires more planning and preparation than if you were to go alone or with only adults. However, Stone Mountain Park is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors with the whole family, little ones included! Since so many families with babies visit Stone Mountain Park on a regular basis, we’ve acquired some fantastic recommendations for how to make a trip to the Park easier and more enjoyable when you’ve got a baby on board.

So if you are looking for things to do in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend and will be bringing your little one along, keep reading for some ways to make your trip a little smoother for the whole family!

Bring or Rent a Stroller

The baby gear that you should bring along depends on what activities you have in mind for your visit. If you are scheduling a trip solely for the attractions, then a stroller will definitely come in handy. The paved forested paths make it easier to push a stroller throughout the park, as well as designated areas to park your stroller if the attraction cannot accommodate it.

We also have stroller rentals at the park if you happen to forget yours at home or are visiting on vacation. Or maybe you don’t have a ton of extra space in your car and would prefer to utilize the space for a cooler or extra snacks. Either way, you can find strollers for rent in the Main Ticket Plaza at the Adventure Center. They’re available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Don’t Forget Your Baby Carrier

If you are craving a walk along the trails or a climb up the mountain, we recommend a baby carrier, like a sling, front pack, or a hiking backpack. Many trails are too treacherous to push a stroller around.

If you are going to trek up the 1.1-mile trail to the top of the mountain wearing your baby, be aware that there are some steep areas as well as rocks and branches on the path. While on the trails, be sure to take extra precautions to keep both you and baby safe.

Throw the Essentials into the Diaper Bag

You can bring outside food into the park, so you can pack your baby-friendly food and your little one’s favorite snacks in your diaper bag. However, you also have the choices of some restaurants and pitstops throughout the park to buy soft foods suitable for your baby.

Also, be sure to pack items for the outdoors, like a hat and sunscreen in warmer weather. When the weather is cooler, bring diaper bag essentials like a sweater, hat, and blanket for your baby. Don’t forget a bottle, sippy cup, or extra water bottle for your little one so that hydration and thirst aren’t an issue while at the Park.

Attractions for a Baby

Admission into the park for babies two and under is always free, and they can even participate in some of the fun! Plus, the park setup makes it as easy as possible for parents. There are changing tables in most bathrooms, benches to sit down and rest with baby, and covered areas to take a break in the shade. Additionally, check out these top attractions that your little ones are sure to enjoy.

Scenic Railroad

A train ride on the Scenic Railroad is a perfect attraction to keep baby entertained as you take in all of the sights and sounds on a five-mile journey around the park. It’s also optimal for parents to sit down, rest, and take a break from all of the walking.


There are places on the lower level of the Dinotorium designed for younger tots and are mostly out of the way of flying balls. (Don’t worry, the balls are soft!) If your baby is mobile, they will enjoy crawling around in the tiny spaces and on some of the toys, and they are sure to love the brightly colored balls that they can play with.

SkyHike® Area

If you have older kids doing the ropes course inside SkyHike®, the sand area below is the ideal spot to keep your baby amused – only if you are not afraid of them getting sandy or a little wet. It is great for warmer days! Just make sure you bring a swim diaper and an extra change of clothes in case they get wet.

Geyser Towers

Although this is a netted play area meant for older kids, there are still spray fountains and little streams on the ground beneath Geyser Towers to keep babies preoccupied and cooled off in the Atlanta heat. Packing a swim diaper and a change of clothes will be useful for your baby’s exploration in this water attraction.

With a little planning and preparation, taking a trip to Stone Mountain Park with a baby can be a pleasurable experience for the entire family! Be sure to check out our calendar of events and our Park Attractions schedules before heading to the park so you can make the most of every moment that you’re here!

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