The Summer Babysitter’s Guide to Stone Mountain Park

Spending hours with little ones is fun, but it can be hard to get creative with entertaining them. So, why not turn a typical summer babysitting job into an adventure?

At Stone Mountain Park, we have exciting things to do in Atlanta to keep the kids entertained so you won’t have to. Keep reading for all the tools and tricks for a memorable trip to Stone Mountain Park that you, the kids, and their parents will all be thrilled with.


If you have a daily Attractions Ticket, you can explore all of the exclusive activities the park has to offer! Be sure to check the calendar before heading to the park to see which attractions are open. Also, check the weather since some rides close if there are strong winds or stormy weather.

It will also be helpful to measure the kids before going to the park so they know which attractions they can go on in advance. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes, a stroller if you have little ones, and a backpack for the essentials, like sunscreen, snacks, and water.

Upon entering the Park, you will pay for parking. To access attractions, you’ll need to purchase an Attractions Ticket for each child and yourself. Once inside, designate a meeting spot just in case someone gets separated. Also, point out Stone Mountain Park staff members to smaller kids so they will know who to go to in case they get lost.

Once you’ve worked through the logistics and safety measures of the trip, start enjoying some of the most fun things to do in Atlanta with your little buddies.


SkyHike® is an exhilarating activity for kids who are 44 inches and taller. The course is ideal for an adventurous child who is not afraid of heights. The three different levels are 12-foot, 24-foot, and 40-feet up in the air, so bravery is a must and adventurous fun is guaranteed!

Kids need closed-toed shoes for the ropes course, and some kids on the smaller end may need some assistance on SkyHike®.

Geyser Splash Pad

When you plan your trip in the summer months, you can experience the water-soaked, Geyser Splash Pad. Kids get drenched, and you can rest comfortably in the shade and watch them have fun.

You’ll want to pack bathing suits and towels or an extra change of clothes for this attraction.

Finally, kids must be taller than 32 inches to enter. There are some areas for smaller kids to enjoy the water, too, however. Swimming diapers will come in handy (and are required) for guests who are not potty trained.

Other Exciting Kid-Friendly Attractions

Inside the 4D Theater is an exciting show that’s sure to get the whole group giggling. However, it can be a little intense for smaller viewers, so use your best judgment when deciding if your crew can handle it.

The Summit Skyride is a high-speed Swiss cable car that ascends the top of Stone Mountain. Perfect for all ages, this attraction leads to a spectacular view. Kids will love looking out the windows as they traverse up the mountain from up high, and you’ll all enjoy seeing Atlanta from the top of the mountain.

Dinosaur Explore is an incredible outdoor adventure where kids can see true-to-size dinosaurs, some of which even move and roar! They’ll love learning about these giant creatures at the Paleontology tents, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take some pictures to send to Mom and Dad.

Scenic Railroad is an enjoyable journey around the mountain and is perfect for guests of every age. Feel the wind cool you down as you ride on the train around the base of Stone Mountain, and enjoy looking at the plants and animals in their local habitats.

Where to Eat

Whether you’ve got a group of adventurous eaters or the pickiest bunch out there, we have you covered! Stone Mountain Park has multiple restaurants and cafés with all of the kids’ favorite foods, like pizza and fried chicken. There are numerous tasty options to choose from, like Marketplace and Campfire Smokehouse, which are located in the Crossroads area close to most of the attractions.

Need a morning or afternoon pick-me-up? We also have Basecamp Café offering Starbucks coffee to keep you energized while keeping up with the kids. If you prefer to bring your own food into the park, there are various wooded picnic areas to enjoy the scenery and take a break in the shade.

Other Activities

With a parking pass, you have access to other activities inside the park that do not require an Attractions Ticket. For example, there is a shaded playground area past the walk-up trail, and there are miles of hiking trails to investigate. One trail to conquer is the 1.1-mile path up the mountain. It is not too strenuous but can be steep in parts, so bring a baby carrier for the little ones since you cannot use strollers on the trail.

If you have older kids with you and plan on staying late, the all-new Music Across America Drone & Light Show, presented by the Georgia Office of Highway Safety, is an engaging show that starts at 9:30 and is about 45 minutes in length. Bring lounge chairs or a blanket so you can sit back and relax while enjoying the show. For an elevated experience, snack terrace seating is also available to purchase.

With Stone Mountain Park, you can plan an entire day of festivities for the kids you’re babysitting! It’s sure to make everyone happy, from you to the kids to their parents. Plan your visit now and enjoy the many things to do in Atlanta with kids by venturing to the park for your next babysitting job!