Best Places For Food And Drinks In The Park

A trip to Stone Mountain Park doesn’t just have to be about exploring the great outdoors! There are plenty of things to do for couples who are looking for a getaway, a chance to reconnect, or even to enjoy a nice meal together. In addition to all the outdoor adventures available at Stone Mountain Park, couples will enjoy a wide variety of food and drink options sure to whet your appetite and quench your thirst.

Here are the best places for food and drinks in the park.

Base Camp BBQ

Enjoy the classic, southern comfort of barbeque at Base Camp BBQ in the heart of Park Central at the base of Stone Mountain. Base Camp BBQ features the delicious and original flavors of Williamson Brothers Bar-B-Q with over 15 different BBQ sauce flavors sure to please any guest. Enjoy a pulled pork sandwich with classic sides like baked beans, coleslaw, and potato salad. This fast-casual dining option will fill you up so you can get back on the trails and experience the rest of the park.

Big Rock Café

Couples looking to take the Summit Skyride to the top of Stone Mountain and back can grab a bite to eat at Big Rock Café before or after the adventure. Big Rock Café offers easy dining options, along with indoor and outdoor seating areas at the base of the mountain. Take in the view of the world’s largest piece of granite while you grab a burger or hot dog before your next park adventure or other fun things to do for couples at Stone Mountain.


Too excited to sit still while there are exciting adventures to be had at Stone Mountain Park? Grab an ice-cold drink at Hydrate!, a quick and easy refreshment stop at the base of the mountain and in the heart of Park Central activity. You can even order your drink in one of Stone Mountain Park’s souvenir cups and sip on an ice-cold soda or a delicious Arctic Blast while you stroll around Memorial Lawn.

Summit Snacks

Whether you hiked the Walk-Up trail to the top of Stone Mountain or enjoyed a nice, breezy tram ride, you can cool off with an ice-cold beverage when you reach the top. Summit Snacks offers delicious and thirst-quenching options for everyone, including snack options like popcorn, pretzels, and ice cream.

Fishing On The Lake

Talk about a one-of-a-kind, true Southern date! You’re never too old to cast a line, engage in great conversations, and wait for the perfect catch. Stone Mountain Lake has five types of fish available to catch and multiple docks to choose from. Whether you hang your feet over one of the docks or bring your own boat, fishing as a couple is an intimate, peaceful bonding experience.

Are you looking for things to do in Atlanta for couples and ready to take your partner on a one-of-a-kind date? Use one of these exciting ideas for an incredibly memorable date at Stone Mountain Park.

The Commons Restaurant

Enjoy a nice lunch or early dinner at The Commons Restaurant located at Stone Mountain Golf Club. Situated right on the lake with stunning water and nature views and an unbeatable view of Stone Mountain, couples will appreciate the quieter atmosphere for a relaxed dinner after a long day on the links and around the park. With indoor and outdoor seating options available, you can grab the best view and finish up in time to visit Memorial Lawn and take in the Lasershow afterward.

Waterside Restaurant

Waterside Restaurant is located at the Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort overlooking Stone Mountain Lake. Couples visiting Stone Mountain, locals, and conference-goers all appreciate the breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available each day at Waterside Restaurant. Experience lakeside dining views while you gear up for a day of fun, or relax after a great day at the park.

Lasershow Snack Terrace Square

Experience a lasershow unlike any other at Stone Mountain Park and enjoy an ice-cold soda and unlimited popcorn at Lasershow Snack Terrace Square. The Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision, presented by the Georgia Office of Highway Safety, is a timeless Atlanta tradition offered every night from May 28 to August 1 right at sunset. This unique lasershow includes lights, unforgettable music, a giant fireworks display, and even flame cannons with fireballs!

At Stone Mountain Park, there are plenty of great things to do for couples. Spend the weekend at the Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort or camping at one of the park’s comfortable camping yurts right on the water and enjoy all the attractions, food, drink, and fun Stone Mountain Park has to offer.

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