Things To Do In Atlanta For Couples At Stone Mountain Park

Whether you’re newly dating, newly married, or a longtime couple, it can be difficult to come up with new, exciting date ideas. This is especially true for married couples who have been together for a while. You’ve heard it before: never stop dating your significant other. Even if you’ve been married for decades, keeping things exciting and having fun together is crucial for a healthy relationship.

Going out as a couple helps keep the romantic spark alive and gives you one-on-one quality time. If you’re researching things to do in Atlanta for couples, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to get inspired for your next date at Stone Mountain Park.

Breathtaking Views From The Top Of The Mountain

What’s more romantic than snuggling up and taking in views of Atlanta from the top of Stone Mountain? Bring your blanket, a bottle of wine, and snacks to enjoy while you soak up the stunning views of Atlanta as the sun goes down. It’s the sweetest place to have meaningful conversations and make memories together.

Romantic Getaway

Couples can choose the perfect spot for a getaway between the two properties within the park. Book your weekend at The Inn at Stone Mountain Park for a historic and cozy feel. If you want a resort-style getaway, The Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort is the hotel for you. Either way, you’re guaranteed a romantic time, right in the midst of 3,200 acres of lush greenery where you and your partner can unwind.

Go Camping (or Glamping)

Forget about dinner and a movie. Stone Mountain Camping is the ultimate romantic date night idea! This unconventional night out can be as glamorous or “old school” as you’d like since the park’s campgrounds have tent spots available as well as yurts to rent. Pack up an easy dinner, count the stars, and toast s’mores at the campfire alongside your sweetheart.

Get Active

Sharing a few miles together – whether biking, walking, or jogging – can foster great conversations and improve your relationship. At Stone Mountain Park, you can get active side-by-side while conquering the 5-mile loop around the mountain. There are dedicated bike lanes and paved roadways so you can enjoy your miles together safely. Just be sure to pick a pace that is comfortable for both of you and gives you the opportunity to talk along the way.

Be A Kid Again

Who says attractions are just for kids? Go back to the fun dates when you were dating and spend an evening playing mini-golf, encouraging each other with playful competition. Or get adventurous with SkyHike and put your ropes course skills to the test! Challenge each other at new heights and have a blast at playful, fun attractions at Stone Mountain Park. Check out which attractions are open right now and unleash your inner child together!

Become History Buffs Together

Learning together as a couple is a great bonding activity. Be your own tour guide when you download the new SMP Historic Pass App. The two of you can venture around the park in a guided but independent way, while learning all about the historic landmarks across the park. You set the pace, so you can stop for a romantic picnic or for a few selfies whenever you please.

Complete A Scavenger Hunt

There’s something romantic about exploring new areas and finding things together. Even if you’ve never been to the park, you can create a generic outdoor scavenger hunt and check items off together. You might include things like animal tracks, a historic landmark sign, or an item a visitor accidentally left behind.

If you want to make it exclusive to Stone Mountain Park’s features and activities, consider scouring the website first to build your list. Either way, you and your partner will have a blast finding things together or challenging each other to complete the scavenger hunt faster than your partner!

Go Geocaching

Don’t want to create your own scavenger hunt? Download a Geocaching app and find other people’s hidden items all throughout the park.

Put together by fellow Geocachers, caches are weatherproofed boxes hidden all over the world and include items like a logbook, little trinkets, and more. They’re typically hidden under a rock or out of plain sight so non-Geocachers don’t stumble upon them.

No matter how you go “hunting”—the old fashion way or via Geocaching – this is a thrilling date idea that is sure to provide a great date night!

Romantic Dinner On The Lake

Although dinner is a typical date night idea, the environment of the park is what makes it especially romantic. On a beautiful evening, The Commons Restaurant has the perfect spot for an outdoor dinner date: the patio. Overlooking Stone Mountain Lake with the Carillon in the distance, the two of you will enjoy delicious, handcrafted, southern dishes alongside the tranquility of the lake.

If the idea of a dinner date night feels cliché, then bring your own meal and find one of the many designated picnic areas in the park. Take in views of the lake with no interruptions from other diners or servers. It’s less expensive and a little more informal, but it can easily be just as romantic.

Go To A Festival Or Event

Try new foods, see new sites, and buy new items at one of the many festivals or events at the park. Check the park’s schedule, and choose from a variety of events like the Yellow Daisy FestivalPumpkin Festival or Stone Mountain Christmas, to name a few. Walking hand-in-hand, the two of you will make memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Fishing On The Lake

Talk about a one-of-a-kind, true Southern date! You’re never too old to cast a line, engage in great conversations, and wait for the perfect catch. Stone Mountain Lake has five types of fish available to catch and multiple docks to choose from. Whether you hang your feet over one of the docks or bring your own boat, fishing as a couple is an intimate, peaceful bonding experience.

Are you looking for things to do in Atlanta for couples and ready to take your partner on a one-of-a-kind date? Use one of these exciting ideas for an incredibly memorable date at Stone Mountain Park.