Employee Reviews

Alicia H. of Stone Mountain Park

“It’s excitement, it’s joy, it’s bringing out the kid in our guests.”

Christie R. of Stone Mountain Park

“I like working here just because of who I work with – we really do lead with love and we really do care for each other.”

David C. of Stone Mountain Park

“I get to meet people from all around the world and I get to help plan their day!”

Jamie H. of Stone Mountain Park

“I take care of our guests as if they were my own family and I try to make sure they get the full experience of Stone Mountain Park.”

Attractions Employee

“The atmosphere that I work in. My leadership team is amazing and they make working here worthwhile. Any Problem that I have, they try their hardest to fix it or make it work. They push me to strive to be on my A-game. And when I go over and beyond they show their appreciation. They provide words of encouragement and support even when I am not at your best.”

Food Services Employee

“Honestly, though I haven’t been working here for a long time I can already see how accommodating the schedule can be for everyone’s day to day life as to make as little inconvenience as possible for the employees. The management is fair with their advice and redirection and the workers are very friendly to each other. Overall this place actually exceeds my expectations I had going in. Even from the first day.”

Merchandise Employee

“I think this job is an opportunity to grow and develop both spiritually and professionally. The environment provides an easy, as well as challenging environment that gives maximal opportunity for employee.”

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