3 Big Reasons To Shop Atlanta Craft Festivals

Looking for things to do in Atlanta? Experiencing some of Atlanta’s best craft festivals is a fun way to appreciate the arts while supporting local artisans and enjoying the great outdoors in nearby parks. You can also enjoy time with loved ones or find something to bring home or purchase as a gift that is truly unique. In addition, craft festivals can be found all over Atlanta throughout the year and are usually inexpensive or free to attend. Stone Mountain Park is proud to be home to several incredible craft festivals, and we love to celebrate all the talent that we see in our vendors year after year. If you’re looking for things to do in Atlanta, here are three reasons why you should plan a trip to a local craft festival for your next family outing:

Support Small Businesses And Economy

Buying from small, local businesses is one of the top reasons to check out a craft festival in your area. Unlike big businesses, smaller, locally-owned businesses are more inclined to put their profit back into the economy within the community. Small business owners are also more likely to buy local to contribute to their inventory, so you’re helping them support local companies, too.

Your community’s character is defined by its businesses. Large cities are known for their big-box stores, while suburbs are notorious for smaller shops. If you want to keep your surrounding area’s reputation unique, shop small and shop local. One of the easiest ways to do that is by buying goods at Atlanta craft shows.

Additionally, buying from local business owners and small business owners makes shopping a more personable experience. Your transaction gives you the opportunity to interact directly with who you are buying from, unlike chain stores. And normally, when you do business with someone first-hand, it makes for a more satisfying customer service experience.

Find A Rare Treasure

Craft festivals are where creativity comes alive. They are filled with artists and crafters from a variety of fields, like pottery, painting, sculpting, and photography, just to name a few.

The Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain is the largest in the southeast and features over 400 artists and crafters. With the wide assortment of handmade pieces of jewelry, artisanal pottery, gorgeous paintings, and home decor that are showcased, you will be sure to find the perfect gift or your own item to bring home for yourself. Also, some vendors can even customize your item, making it even more personal and exactly how you want it. A custom gift or item is memorable and meaningful, which is something you can’t find at retail stores.

Enjoy A Family-Friendly Event

Craft festivals are where creativity comes alive. They are filled with artists and crafters from a variety of fields, like pottery, painting, sculpting, and photography, just to name a few.

Attending a local craft festival is not only an inexpensive way to spend quality time together with loved ones or family members, but it offers something for everyone. There is so much more to do at craft festivals than just shopping, and most craft festivals around Atlanta have an assortment of entertainment, food, and games for all ages.

Stone Mountain’s Annual Craft Festivals

At Stone Mountain Park, we host unique, local vendors each year at our craft festivals. Not only do we love supporting small local businesses, but we are proud to serve as the stepping-off point to creating memories for family and friends that attend every year.

Our longest-running festival is the Yellow Daisy Festival, which dates back to 1968. What started as a small arts and crafts show has grown into a four-day, action-packed event. In fact, it has won multiple awards, including the following:

  • A top arts & crafts show in the U.S. by Sunshine Artist Magazine
  • A Southeast Tourism Society Top 20 Event
  • Winner of multiple awards by the Southeast Festival and Events Association

You’re bound to make memories at a local craft festival with your family or close friends. Check out Atlanta’s upcoming festivals and arts and crafts events to have an unforgettable experience. You may just add it to your family tradition for years to come!

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