Best Picnic Locations in Stone Mountain Park

When you spend the day outdoors at Stone Mountain Park, you might want to find a spot to relax and enjoy a picnic. Some of the best Things To Do In Atlanta are located right in the heart of Stone Mountain Park! Whether you spread out a blanket by Stone Mountain Lake or on the Memorial Lawn just in time for the Lasershow, there are so many great locations for a picnic in the park. Stone Mountain Park offers many delicious dining options you can take to-go for a picnic, or you may want to bring your own basket from home and enjoy a nice meal together. When it comes to enjoying picnics at Stone Mountain, Georgia’s most popular attraction offers the best and most beautiful locations across 3,200 acres of natural beauty. Come for a day or spend a week on-site and learn why the best picnics in Atlanta are located right here in Stone Mountain Park.

Stone Mountain Park is home to historic sites and adventures for the whole family. Make time to explore all that Stone Mountain has to offer and be sure to plan a few picnics at Stone Mountain while you are here. Below are five of the best picnic locations in Stone Mountain Park.

Studdard Picnic Area at Stone Mountain Park

Studdard Picnic Area at Stone Mountain Park is the largest public picnic area in the whole park! With over 200 stone picnic tables and public grills available, you and your family can find space to spread out and enjoy a nice meal in the great outdoors. Enjoy a hike around Stone Mountain Park before settling in with a nice picnic at Studdard Picnic Area at the base of the mountain.

Triangle Picnic Area at Stone Mountain Park

Triangle Picnic Area at Stone Mountain Park offers park visitors picnic tables near all of the main attractions within the Crossroads Village area. Grab a table and enjoy a picnic while you watch the train go by. After a picnic in the Triangle Picnic Area, enjoy a round of mini-golf or take a ride up to the top of the mountain on the Skyride. The Triangle Picnic Area is centrally located and offers great access to many thrilling attractions.

Lasershow Lawn Square at Stone Mountain Park

The Lasershow is an Atlanta tradition where hundreds of people visit the park each day and settle in for an evening show unlike any other. The Laser Lawn at Stone Mountain Park offers a giant stretch of grass where you can spread out a blanket and picnic with the best view of the Stone Mountain carving. Grab a spot before nightfall and settle in for a spectacular Lasershow with music, fireworks, and more!

Campground Sites at Stone Mountain Park

If you are spending a few days at Stone Mountain Park, then consider staying at one of the Campground Sites. Stone Mountain Park offers rentals and site locations for tents and RVs, and even unique Yurt rentals right by Stone Mountain Lake. Every site offers picnic tables, grills, and fire rings for park visitors to enjoy. Family and friends will enjoy the best picnics in Stone Mountain Park with gorgeous nature views in the great outdoors.

Pavilion Rentals at Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park also offers Pavilion Rentals to suit large gatherings of families and friends from birthday parties to family reunions. You can rent a covered pavilion with picnic tables and plenty of recreational space. Some of the pavilions are even located within walking distance to the Lasershow and other exciting attractions.

Various Outdoor Locations

Truly, just about anywhere within the Park is a great location for a picnic. Relax at a spot near Grist Mill, find some rocky ground near a playground, or lay out your blanket on an area of lakeside grass. Go adventuring through the park and search for your next perfect picnic spot—it may be somewhere you’d never expect!

Whether you want to picnic at a stone table nestled among the trees or with a blanket spread out on the lush green grass, there are plenty of great spaces all across Stone Mountain Park. Access to all areas for picnics at Stone Mountain is included when you purchase daily or annual parking. Come see for yourself why Stone Mountain is the most popular place to visit in Georgia and plan a picnic today!