Where Should I Park When I Visit Stone Mountain Park?

You can walk, cycle, or drive to Stone Mountain Park and explore natural beauty right in Atlanta’s backyard. Stone Mountain Park covers over 3,000 acres of lush forest, lakes, family-friendly attractions, and the mountain that gives the park its name. With so much to do at Stone Mountain Park, you might wonder where the best place to park is for your visit. Stone Mountain Parking Options are spread out all around the park so that you can easily access all the activities and attractions available.

When it comes to parking at Stone Mountain, the easiest way to determine where to park is to determine what area of the park you plan to explore on your visit. Here are some of the main activities and attractions that entertain guests of Stone Mountain Park year-round and conveniently located parking lots nearby.

Crossroads Area

The Crossroads Area is home to some of Stone Mountain’s most exciting attractions, including Dinosaur Explore, Great Locomotive Chase Adventure Golf, the 4-D Theater, and more! First-time visitors and regulars to Stone Mountain all enjoy these fun, family-friendly attractions. The Crossroads Area has its own parking lot called Crossroads Lot, located right off of Robert E. Lee Boulevard. If this lot is full when you arrive, then plan to go a little farther down the road to Twin Oaks Lot or Skyride Lot, where you can enjoy a nice walk to this popular area.

Summit Skyride

The Summit Skyride is a popular attraction for visitors to Stone Mountain Park. Take a cable-car trolley to the top of Stone Mountain and enjoy incredible, scenic views on the way up and down. This area of the park also features some restaurants and concession options. The Skyride Lot is conveniently located next to the entrance and ticket booth for the Summit Skyride.

Music Across America Drone & Light Show

The Light Show is perhaps what Stone Mountain Park is best known for to locals and visitors. Families and groups of friends spend warm summer nights with a picnic blanket on Memorial Lawn to take in this spectacular show. The Crossroads Lot and Skyride Lot are convenient places to park if you plan to attend the show. Grab a parking spot early in the day and enjoy some of Stone Mountain Park’s other attractions before the sun goes down and the lights go up!

Walk-Up Trail

People come from all over to trek the walk-up trail and climb Stone Mountain. This is a popular activity for first-time visitors as well as folks looking for a great workout. The mile-long trek to the top and back also offers incredible mountain and forest views along the way. Once you get to the top, you can even spot the Atlanta skyline. Park at the Walk-Up Trail Lot or in the Walk-Up Overflow Lot for the best access to the Walk-Up Trail.

Playground Area

Kids of all ages love exploring the Playground Area at Stone Mountain. Located on the southeast side of the park, this area is great for families and children to play and even set up a picnic. This area is right near the base of the mountain, and the Playground Lot offers easy and safe access to this kid-friendly activity.

Historic Square

If you are planning to visit the Historic Square at Stone Mountain Park, then you will appreciate the convenience of the Historic Square Parking Lot. The historic Stone Mountain Inn is also located here, and this area is a quick walk to other attractions.

Other Stone Mountain Parking Options

Two other historic features at Stone Mountain Park include the Grist Mill and Quarry, both with their own convenient parking areas to easily pull into so you can hop out and explore. Other designated parking options include the Nature Trail Lot for visitors interested in exploring the South Woods. There are also options for parking at Stone Mountain that are conveniently located to pavilions and areas for rent throughout the park.

A simple parking fee of $20 at the gate will grant you access to many of Stone Mountain Park’s experiences that are at no additional charge. If you are local or visiting for multiple days, then you may want to consider purchasing the $40 season pass parking option to save on future visits.