Book Your Wedding at Stone Mountain Park

Are you looking for a beautiful wedding location with a scenic backdrop that is still close to the city? Then plan your wedding at Stone Mountain Park, located just a short drive from downtown Atlanta and full of natural beauty. A Stone Mountain Park Wedding will suit modern to rustic design aesthetics with its natural beauty, outdoor spaces, and convenient location. Embrace the stunning landscape of Stone Mountain Park with a celebration of marriage in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Stone Mountain Park offers incredible venue options for couples local to the Atlanta area as well as couples looking for a unique and natural destination venue. Learn more about these two incredible venue options for a wedding at Stone Mountain and how to get the most out of your special day at Stone Mountain Park.

Stone Mountain Park Wedding at the Formal Gardens

Stone Mountain Park is home to the Historic Square, a collection of carefully restored 18th- and 19th-century structures and antiques from around the state of Georgia. Beautifully refurbished white buildings with green homes are surrounded by lush gardens and greenery. This area also features the Formal Gardens, where many weddings at Stone Mountain Park take place. Couples who are looking for a beautifully landscaped garden area with a historical setting will appreciate an outdoor Stone Mountain wedding at the Formal Gardens. This outdoor wedding venue is a romantic and charming area with gorgeous views of nature and forests all around. Guests will be seated in chairs on the finely manicured lawn with a paved pathway and picturesque, white gazebo at the front. The couple can exchange vows under the gazebo with family and friends enjoying the fresh mountain air and enjoying the beautiful, natural elements.

Stone Mountain Park Weddings at the Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort

Stone Mountain Park is also home to the Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort, which offers an array of indoor and outdoor wedding venue options. If you are interested in a wedding at Stone Mountain Park and prefer to have the ceremony or reception indoors, then consider the ballroom spaces at Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort. The resort also offers an intimate rotunda with incredible views of Stone Mountain Lake. If you prefer an outdoor wedding at Stone Mountain Park, then Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort also boasts a pavilion by the lake with picturesque views of Stone Mountain Park and a stunning outdoor fireplace. Transition from ceremony to reception with ease when you celebrate your wedding at Stone Mountain Park! The Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort also offers flexible catering options for your indoor or outdoor reception.

Beautiful Spots at Stone Mountain Park for Photos

You will cherish the photos and memories from your wedding for a lifetime. There are plenty of beautiful spots all around Stone Mountain Park to take wedding pictures of the happy couple, wedding party, family, and loved ones. For a historic and natural aesthetic, take a quick drive to the Covered Bridge and snap some exquisite photos against this picturesque background. The Grist Mill is also a great spot for those who incorporate rustic, historic, and natural aesthetics in their wedding style. Take pictures along the wooden bridge above the rushing water with the lake behind you. For those who love wide-open spaces, the Memorial Lawn provides plenty of panoramic views of Stone Mountain and its surrounding forests. Couples will also enjoy photos taken by the Scenic Railroad and its 1940s vintage-style cars. You could even soar through the sky on Summit Skyride and snap some unique pictures with the beautiful mountain range behind you.
*Any wedding related photography is FREE if you hold your wedding/rehearsal at Stone Mountain Park. If not, fees apply to ANY wedding/engagement-related photography at the Historic Square OR any wedding photography (in bridal gown/tuxedo) in the attraction and retail areas of the Park. Photography in the Natural areas do not have a fee but do require permission by both Stone Mountain Park and the Stone Mountain Memorial Association.

Lodging Options for a Wedding at Stone Mountain Park

When you book your wedding at Stone Mountain Park, there are plenty of lodging options to consider for the wedding party, guests, family, and friends. The Inn at Stone Mountain Park is located next to the Historic Square and makes a great headquarters for everyone coming to enjoy your special day. When you stay at The Inn at Stone Mountain Park, you will be within walking distance of many attractions. Wedding guests can also stay at the Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort and enjoy the amenities and convenient location by the lake. Both venues feature swimming pools, dining spaces, and incredible views of the nature and wonder of Stone Mountain Park.

Visit Stone Mountain Park and see for yourselves why a Stone Mountain wedding would be the perfect venue for your special day!