5 Must-Bring Items for Your Family Trip to Stone Mountain

One of the best things to do with family in Atlanta is a visit to Stone Mountain Park! Located just outside of Atlanta, you are still close enough to the convenience of city life and yet also surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural areas in the whole state of Georgia. Stone Mountain Park is a great place to visit with families because there is such a wide variety of activities and attractions that suit every age and interest. From hiking to putt-putt to riding a cable car to the top of the mountain and back, there are plenty of things to do with the family at Stone Mountain. When you plan a trip to this fun and family-friendly park, here are some must-bring items you won’t want to forget!

What to Bring on Your Family Trip to Stone Mountain

We understand it can take a lot of effort to get the family out the door and loaded in the car for a fun, family adventure. That’s why we have made a list of the five must-bring items for your family trip to Stone Mountain.

1. Baby Carrier

If you have little ones, then a baby carrier or stroller can help! There are plenty of paved pathways to push the children around in a stroller while you get in a nice walk or workout along one of the many trails. A baby carrier is handy for parents who want to wear their children while taking the Walk-Up Trail to reach the summit of Stone Mountain.

2. Water Bottles

Water bottles come in handy when you are going for a hike or taking a walk around the park. There are so many great areas to explore with your family, and you want to make sure you stay hydrated all along the way. Bring some water bottles along with you or pick up refreshments at the many dining and snack bar locations available throughout the park.

3. Snacks

Whether you plan to enjoy some fun in the sun on Memorial Lawn or visit the Playground Area, snacks can help keep the kids fed and entertained in between activities. Bring a picnic to Stone Mountain Park or pick up some snacks at one of the conveniently located snack bars. There’s even a snack bar at the top of Stone Mountain for when you’ve worked up an appetite climbing to the top!

4. Blanket

Bring a blanket or two for the whole family to spread out on and enjoy a beautiful day in nature. Memorial Lawn is a popular place to spread out a blanket and enjoy watching the nightly Lasershow Spectacular. There are also plenty of beautiful spots all throughout the park where you can lie on a blanket and take in the fresh air.

5. Sneakers

Sneakers or comfortable walking shoes are a must for a successful trip to Stone Mountain Park! With so many outdoor activities to see and do, you want to make sure your feet stay comfortable so you can explore everything at Stone Mountain.

Family-Friendly Places to Explore Around Stone Mountain

There are plenty of family-friendly places to explore around Stone Mountain. Here are three ideas for where to start when you plan a family trip to Stone Mountain Park:

Family-Friendly Hikes

There are six main trails spread out across Stone Mountain Park with varying levels of difficulty. Stone Mountain Park is over 3,000 acres and includes forests, lakes, rocky areas, and Stone Mountain itself. Check out the trail guide to find a hike that will suit your family best. Family-friendly hikes for those with little ones will appreciate the Nature Gardens Trail and Songbird Habitat Trail, both of which take place on a dirt path that is easy to maneuver. Families interested in a bit of a challenge will also enjoy the experience of climbing to the top of Stone Mountain via the Walk-Up Trail.

Music Across America Drone & Light Show

The Drone & Light Show is a breathtaking display of sound and light that takes place on Memorial Lawn once the sun goes down. A choreographed series of lights project images onto the side of the mountain with iconic songs, fireworks, flame effects, and more!

Crossroads Area

The Crossroads Area features some of the main attractions at Stone Mountain Park, including Great Locomotive Chase Adventure Golf, Dinotorium, a 4D Theater, and Summit Skyride.

Bring the whole family to Stone Mountain Park for a trip you will never forget, and don’t forget to grab these must-have items to make your visit a success!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a recommended age range for children’s activities?

Stone Mountain Park offers a variety of activities suitable for all ages. However, some attractions may have age or height restrictions for safety reasons. It’s best to check the specific requirements for each attraction on the park’s website or contact their customer service.

What are the food options available inside the park?

Stone Mountain Park offers a range of dining options, from snack bars and fast-food outlets to sit-down restaurants. Visitors can also bring their own picnic, as there are designated picnic areas throughout the park.

Are there any first aid stations in the park?

Yes, All First Aid will be provided by Stone Mountain Park’s Department of Public Safety. First aid personnel are certified EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technicians.) If you should have a medical emergency, please contact the nearest team member, who will notify Public Safety. You may also contact them directly at 770-413-5333 (emergency), or 770-498-5675 (non-emergency).

Are there any lodging or camping facilities in the park?

Stone Mountain Park offers a variety of lodging options, including the Stone Mountain Inn, campgrounds with tent and RV sites, and yurt rentals. Details and reservations can be made through their website.

Are pets allowed in Stone Mountain Park?

Yes, dogs and cats are welcome to visit the Park. They must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet and they are not allowed in many of the public areas including Memorial Lawn, the Walk Up Trail, or Special Events Areas. Pets also are not allowed within ticketed areas or on the attractions. We do not have animal boarding at Stone Mountain Park. However, you may contact the Stone Mountain Vets at 770-469-6112 or Main Street Veterinarians at 770-498-4620. These organizations provide boarding for animals and are located close to Stone Mountain Park. However, these organizations are not affiliated with or endorsed by Stone Mountain Park.