Best Family-Friendly Hikes at Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Park is full of family-friendly activities to explore the great outdoors. Bring your family to Stone Mountain Park for family-friendly hikes that work for a wide range of ages in children and young adults. There are plenty of options for Hiking at Stone Mountain including the popular Walk-Up Trail that takes you to the top of the mountain and back. Stone Mountain offers family-friendly hiking, picnicking, and playing spots so you can enjoy fun in the sun all day. Stone Mountain Park covers over 3,000 acres and is full of lush green forest, stunning lake views, and, of course, Stone Mountain! There are six main hiking trails spread out across Stone Mountain Park with varying levels of difficulty. Some spots are paved, and others feature gravel, dirt tread, or rocky terrain.

Here are the six options for family-friendly hiking at Stone Mountain.

Walk-Up Trail

The Walk-Up Trail is one of the most popular hikes at Stone Mountain Park. Locals and visitors alike come to Stone Mountain Park for this moderately challenging one-mile hike to the top of Stone Mountain. Parts of the trail are paved, and other parts are rocky with some steep sections, so be prepared to carry or hold the hands of little ones on the climb. Once you reach the top of the mountain, be sure to snap a few family photos and take in the gorgeous, panoramic views. The summit features views of the Atlanta skyline and the Appalachian Mountains and even a snack bar for refreshments before you make your way back down.

Nature Gardens Trail

The Nature Gardens Trail is a family-friendly hike for families with children of all ages. This trail is less than a mile long with a dirt tread and loops through an incredible oak and hickory forest. Enjoy family time in the shade as you stroll along this lovely, scenic hike. You can also visit the garden area at the entrance to the trail and learn how to identify native plants along the trail. Families can also bring their dogs on leash to explore the Nature Gardens Trail too!

Songbird Habitat Trail

Another easy and family-friendly hiking option at Stone Mountain is the Songbird Habitat Trail. This trail also features a dirt tread and winds through a gorgeous meadow and forest habitat. Families and children will enjoy spotting the many birds that call Stone Mountain home. After a fun walk through the Songbird Habitat Trail, bring the little ones to the playground that has a convenient parking lot nearby.

King’s Trail at Indian Island

Take a trip across the historic Covered Bridge and enjoy an easy and family-friendly hike on King’s Trail at Indian Island. This trail features convenient parking and picnic areas around Indian Island. Children and adults alike will appreciate the scenic lake views of this one-mile trek at Stone Mountain Park.

Trail of the Muscogee

The Trail of the Muscogee is a more challenging trail best suited for families with older-aged children and young adults. The trail features a dirt tread that is somewhat steep and has many twists and turns along its mile and a half route. This trail features some of the best scenic views of Stone Mountain Lake and is a great challenge for adventurous families.

Cherokee Trail

More exciting adventures can be found on the Cherokee Trail that circles the base of Stone Mountain. This trail is five miles long with dirt tread and some very steep sections. There are multiple locations to hop on this trail, and folks looking for family-friendly hikes may enjoy walking part of this trail along the north side of the mountain and catching glimpses of the historic carving. One part of the Cherokee Trail also goes up the west side of the mountain and crosses over with the Walk-Up Trail. This adventurous trail for older children and adults takes you through a forest of oaks and hickory trees and features scenic views of Stone Mountain Lake and local streams.

When you visit Stone Mountain Park for a family-friendly hiking adventure, be sure to bring some hiking essentials to keep everyone hydrated and happy. Grab a water bottle and some convenient snack options offered at various dining spots throughout the park. Remember to leave no trace when you hike at Stone Mountain Park by staying on designated trails, disposing of waste in designated areas, and leaving what you find. Bring your family for a fun nature hike at Stone Mountain Park!